Deal Room

CREW Omaha Metro members are highly-qualified and well-respected in their professional fields, and we encourage our members to refer business to each other and to do business together. Member referrals and members doing business with each other is critical to the success of CREW Omaha Metro. We would like to recognize the following members who worked on deals together:


Nancy Johnson of CBRE Represents Leslie Peterson in Sale of Commercial Property CREW Omaha Metro president, Leslie Peterson, and her sister owned a small commercial property, and were not prepared to handle the purchase negotiations with the current renter who was interesting in buying the property. Nancy Johnson, a real estate broker with CBRE and fellow CREW Omaha Metro member, met with Leslie and her sister and previewed what she would do for them. According to Leslie, Nancy assessed the property and handled the negotiations and transaction. She took the emotion out of the sales discussion, got Leslie and her sister a good price, and organized all aspects of organizing the closing.


Danielle Swerczek of Nebraska Title Company Provides Title Insurance for Nancy Johnson. Nancy Johnson represented a client who was purchasing additional land, and suggested that the client use Danielle Swerczek, a fellow CREW Omaha Metro member, with Nebraska Title Company to handle the title insurance for the acquisition. According to Nancy, Danielle and her team were excellent to work with and were very responsive and patient throughout the transaction, which had a few snags along the way.

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